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Product Description
Inverter UPS is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system.
Before you decide to buy an inverter UPS, please choose Utility Priority or Inverter Priority firstly.
Utility Priority: Inverter UPS will switch from the mains AC to DC/AC within 20ms, once the device recognizes the mains power supply has been cut off.
Once the mains power is back on again, the inverter UPS recharges the battery and maintains the battery to full power readiness for the next power failure.
Inverter Priority: When inverter output is available, output as invertering is priority. When inverter output is unavailable, the unit will transfer to utility, the utility supply AC to equipments, transfer time less than 7ms.


 Product Features
• Modified sine wave output
• High efficiency up to 90%
• Full digital controlled
• Specially-made battery terminals
• Multi protection functions
• Built-in high speed cooling fan
• Complete LED indication for operation status
• Cooling fan works automatically
• Can be used for most electronic products with AC input.

AC outlet
For application demands of different areas all overt the world, there are many different kinds of optional AC receptacles to choose from.

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